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Yves KINARD, naval architect


Saint Martin (Antilles)

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  21,4 foot - 6,50m

Mayrik "SolarGoal"  
The SolarGoal is a small environment friendly catamaran 6,50m long with electric propulsion, usable without permit and est un petit catamaran écologique de 6,50m à propulsion électrique, utilisable sans permis, and refillable free by its solar panels. For an episodical use, the weekend for example, the boat will be always ready to take the sea, or the channels and rivers. It is livable with a small kitchen and a WC.
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  40 foot - 12m  

Electric shuttle  

This electro-solar shuttle able to transport 40 passengers is being studied for a startup with Saint Martin at the end of 2012. The idea is to have a shuttle service whose ecological impact is neutral. Construction in strip planking and plywood epoxy. Solar panels on board and ashore will provide all energy necessary. Thanks to the use of batteries lithium-ion, the engine output will be important and thus the duration of rather short rotations. A touristic activity is also planed.

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  30 foot - 9,20m

Fishing boat inspired by model "Saintoise"  

Studied for the Antillean fishermen, this traditional hull is built out of thick aluminum. Solid, seaworthy, motorized by two powerful engines 4 strokes, the prototype should be built during 2011.

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  40 foot - 12m  

Fishing boat for the Antilles-Guyane area  

Studied to answer the requests of the regional and European authorities which wish to see the fishermen deviating from the coastal zone, this boat has the range and the sleeping to make it possible to remain several days at sea. Fix refrigerator, ice machine, all is designed to practice traditional fishings of these areas. The hull, based on that of traditional “saintoises” will pass well at sea. Two drawings are proposed: one, single engine with a displacement hull out of thick aluminum, the other with two engines and a traditional aluminum structure with stringers and frames.

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  29,6 foot - 9m  

Diving boat for 8  

Economic diving boat. its hull inspired of the Antillean “saintoise” will pass well at sea, with a moderate power. Traditional aluminum construction.

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  50 foot - 15m  

Canal boat, sea/river  

True floating house, this unit remains nevertheless a true boat able to sail at sea by good weather. According to the zone of navigation considered, one will adopt or not the flybridge. With the mobile after platform, the boat made 17,5m length for a beam of 4,80m. Propulsion to the choice, diesel, electric, electric diesel.

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  66 foot - 20m  

Floating house  

True small Antillean house of 72 m square, on a platform of 180, this project is thought to offer an alternative to the house in isolated and sheltered zones (lagoon, mangrove, lake). Completely autonomous in energy and treating its effluents, it is without environmental impact and posts an assessment positive carbon. Installations include 2 bedrooms, bathroom, an office, living room/kitchen, mezzanine/television space, separate WC. The buoyancy is ensured by floats of pontoon.

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  60 foot - 18m  

House boat  

Drawn for a customer who will produce it in series, this project presents an originality. Indeed, the principle of construction use the technique of the kit making it possible to export the various elements in containers. Completely autonomous, without environmental impact, reprocessing its effluents, it is a boat (category EC: D) ecological intended for hotel trade as with the habitat in isolated and sheltered zone. Construction out of aluminum and PVC.

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  40 foot - 12m  

Work boat and fishing  

Local project of a general-purpose fishing vessel, this catamaran is very broad with 6,40m and offers a important interior volume. There is enough place to house comfortably four sailors. Embarking semi-rigid on a ramp and having a large work deck, it can also accommodate scientific expeditions or accomplish transport. Aluminum construction. Adequate for a use everywhere in the world.

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  40 foot - 12m  

Professionnal and sport fisher boat  

Original project drawn for a professional boat builder which had the mould of a sport offshore hull. The idea was to leave the complementary pieces reported on the sides. With final boat which should have at sea a passage impressing while having a great stability.

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  The mysterious boat............?  

FIN "Bateau Bleu Challenge 2011"


Within the opportunity of the contest of the “Bateau Bleu” organized by the Federation of Nautical Industries, and aiming to propelling energy saving of the boats, the cabinet currently develops the project of a ship able to draw its energy from its environment according to a innovating track, in the long term more rational and more powerful than the photovoltaic one. The partners interested, scientific, industrial or financial, are invited to join us.

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  57,5 foot - 17,5m

Mayrik "Autremer 575"  

Mayrik “Autremer 575”,… or the sea differently, is a catamaran family, fast, for the ocean voyage

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  56 foot - 17m

Mayrik "Castle Cat 56"  

Mayrik “Castle Cat 56” is an exceptional boat in more than one way. In particular, it is accessible completely by a person to reduced mobility in wheelchair. It is also an extraordinarily livable and comfortable catamaran.

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  43 foot - 13,1m

Mayrik "Novicat 430" & "417"  

Mayrik “NoviCat 430” is a catamaran developed especially for the difficult seas. Declined in various versions, pleasure, shuttle, divers, commercial fishing, and built out of aluminum and various motorizations.

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  51.8 foot - 15,76m

Multi purpose safety boat  

Drawn at the beginning like high-speed motorboat of rescue, this boat can be affected with various missions like marine police, Coastguard, pilot boat, monitoring of fishings,… Self righting, unsinkable, propelled by 3 hydrojets

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  36.9 foot - 11,20m

Classic boat for river or sea  

Currently studied, this very pretty motorboat with the traditional style which will be built however in a version plus Spartan on the level of installations. Thick aluminum construction, gasoline outboard engine. A version with except electric outboard (2 to 3 X 10/13KW) is also being studied. A diesel generator will then provide the power necessary in complement of the solar panels and the buffer batteries.

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  21,4 foot - 6,50 m

P214 is designed in 5 different versions using all the same hull. Most known is the Mini Trawler which crossed the Atlantic in complete autonomy, all motoring, from May to July 2008, thus showing its exceptional marine qualities.

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  36 foot - 11 m

The MAZ 36 is a powercatamaran initially drawn to be used as boat taxi and day charter. It is also a boat ideal, fast and comfortable able to carry 18 people for beautiful sails.

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River 36 is a comfortable river boat likely to be used as floating house on canals or waterways. Economic to propel thanks to its hull all in elegance and smoothness, it can also be equipped with an electric diesel motorization.

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  39 foot - 12 m

Mayrik S39.3 is a sailing ship for ocean trip with a chine hull which leaves ordinary by an exceptional volume. Thought for a family with children to live around the world many years. Version two keel  or ballasted center-board.

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  40 foot - 12 m

New concept:

Mayrik BOX40 illustrates a new concept. That of the boat of voyage to be sent out of container. To on the spot carry out your cruising without all the risks of a long voyage.

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boats that you can carry in container!!!!

The Commuter 40 is a power boat which illustrate the same concept as boat in a container. Long, narrow, light, slightly motorized, it is however able to plane and to bring you in comfort at the end of the world, for little that you send it to it.

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prestige runabout

Soledoh 40 is a unique “boat” in the combining world charms retro with impressive performances, without neglecting comfort. Prestige, effectiveness, economy, quality are the Masters words of this new unit which perpetuates the tradition of the “runabout” of exception.

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  43 foot - 13 m

Taenga 427 is a sailing ship of fast cruising which lends itself as much to the voyage as to the sail or the friendly regatta. Broad, equipped with a lifting deep keel and ballasts, it is an extremely powerful and swift, but comfortable sailing ship.

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  52 foot - 16 m

Classic 16 is a splendid unit of cruising, but which can lend itself readily to the great voyage. Under outside traditional, the hull and the appendices are however modern, bringing power and swiftness.

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  58 foot - 17 m

Mayrik Express Trawler 57.7 is a trawler modern rapid and able to face any sea in greatest comfort . in full safety

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  52.5 foot - 16 m  

Fishing 525 is a modern and general-purpose fishing vessel, possibly usable in “Expedition Yacht”.

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