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   Mayrik  93



Mayrik 93 is a sailing ship of exception. Its extraordinary program enables him to answer any request of its owner. Conceived to be maneuvered in full safety by a couple, it can as well sail in the Antarctic thanks to its robust aluminum hull, as to go up the Amazon, to penetrate deeply in Europe by going up the canals, in particular the mythical “canal du midi”, to beach itself gently on a deserted sand  beach or to parade in Cannes.  Equiped with a canting and lifting keel, as well as two fin-keels, it is a very powerful sailing ship. Its large garage makes it possible to accommodate a small car, quads, or of the jet-skis. Its extreme versatility, its rig or its powerful motorization will put the world at your range. All that in greatest safety since it is completely insubmersible.


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  Specifications: Overview:
          Overall length: 28,470 m

Conceived in the beginning to be the main home around the world of a couple exerting a liberal profession, this boat comprises all comfort necessary as well as a standing compatible with the trade of the owners. One thus finds a wheelhouse worthy of a trading vessel, a comfortable saloon to receive guests, a kitchen equipped “as at the house”, a true saloon with corner television and giant screen plasma, a splendid cabin with toilet and bathroom equipped even with a bath-tub-jacuzi. An office having enough place for all data processing necessary for two people precedes a garage designed to park a Smart car, for example, but also of the jet-skis of the motor bikes or quads. Forwards, last the kitchen, a beautiful cabin will receive the guests. A last cabin can accommodate friends or children while one or two bathrooms is envisaged. Lastly, like one always needs place on a boat, a cabin is devoted exclusively to the arrangement as well files as of reserves of food or material. Lastly, it is necessary to mention a comfortable engine room includin  all the equipment necessary like cold and hot air conditioning, batteries of storage, generators, as well as a true small workshop.

On the deck, one rig split of schooner with hydraulic rollers makes it possible to operate the sails easily. A powerful crane will unload the car on the quay, or will launch one of the two dinghies. These two last find place on the roof of the after cabin, one of both is powerful half-rigid. A generous cockpit and sheltered well makes it possible to taste with the joys of the full air. The masts can be laid down and arranged on the deck to pass in the canals.

Equipped with powerful means of communication satellite (Fleet 33, Began) this true boat/house/office floating will allow its owner to travel anywhere and to remain close to its business via the telephone or the Internet high flow. Lastly, perfectly insulated by a thick layer from foam, it can not only resist cold most intense, but also guarantee a fresh and pleasant interior in the Tropics. The foam of insulation offers a reserve of buoyancy which joined to the tight compartments make this boat completely insubmersible. For more information, please contact us with

            Length at water line: 27,050m
            Beam: 4,990m
            Draught: 2,220 / 1,180m
            Displacement: 39,5 tonnes
            Prismatique coefficient : 0,61
            Block coefficient : 0,348