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   Mayrik P214 MiniTrawler

The MiniTrawler was born from a simple idea: why make large when in a small boat there is average all to put, while remaining making safe at sea. P214, in only 6.50m length, gathers all that one can await from a livable boat: a comfortable saloon with cooker, sink and counter to the kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower, a dining place  where one eats to four, nav' station who does not have anything to envy a yacht much larger, and finally a fore cabin offering two bunks. With the convertible saloon, they are four people who can live comfortable holidays. In fact, the equivalent of a 8m in only 6.50m.


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The Adventure


The Press

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  The P214 range          

P214 Fishing


Developed on the same hull as the Mini Trawler, the model fishing is proposed in two versions, either fishing-pleasure, or commercial fishing.

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Presented here in version commercial fishing, P214 is characterized by an extremely important capacity of carrying allowing for example a hold ice or a large fish pond, both being able to make a ton without concern. Like the other boats of the range, it inherits technologies reducing consumption, by making a very economic boat with use.


P214 After Cabin


The after cabin version is most comfortable of the range since it offers until six bunks in three double berths.

download the documentation>>>>>

Like P214 Mini Trawler, P214 After Cabin has an important range, well beyond the standards, which makes possible of great voyages. Available in two motorizations, it can be equipped in the version exclusively river with an electric diesel propulsion with low power making the sail on the channels and rivers extremely economic.


P214 Bermudian


The Bermudian version is treated in the style of the lobsters with American. It can have a luxurious completion which will make a splendid day boat of it.


But it can also be more practical and adapt to the choice like boat taxi, shuttle of méga-yacht, or fishing-pleasure. Its very flexible installations make it possible really to choose the laying out and the completion which is appropriate best with use which will be made boat. It is most general-purpose of the range. It is also the only one of the range which is thought to go quickly from the start. The keel for example was worked over again to adapt to the program. Motorized by one 230 hp Yanmar, equipped with flaps, its hull very powerful will bring you where you want in full safety. The high bulwarks guarantee cruisings without concern in family.


Find us at La Rochelle (France), port des Minimes, visitors dock. P214 Mini Trawler which made the crossing of the Atlantic, Spirit off Arielle, is presented afloat and available for tests (by appointment). Do not hesitate to contact us:


Tél: 0679 37 19 32


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