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Miscellaneous projects

  Day boat or big game fishing  

Preliminary draft for a customer of a boat mainly dedicated to big game fishing. Nevertheless, it must also offer a great versatility so as to carry out exits at the day while having a panoply of activities, kayaks, diving gear. Propelled by an engine of 200 cv diesel inboard, it should exceed the 20 knots. Length: 22m, width: 10m

  Dinghy for water jousting

Very popular in the south of France, in particular, like in Lyon, the water jousting call upon large dinghies with a crew of several oarsmen and a man in top of the platform armed with a lance. Two boats are opposed and with the crossing, the jousters try to make fall the adversary by means of their lance. This spectacular activity was considered in Saint Martin, reason for which this boat was drawn. It is a little particular insofar as it has a liquid ballast. All the bottom fills of water and thus guarantees stability. Made out of  epoxi/plywood, it has a length of hull of 7m for an overall length of 10m and a displacement of 1.600 kg in load with 8 people on board.

  Taxi boat, or day boat

This catamaran of 11m will be built out of epoxi/plywood very soon in Saint Martin. Be driven by two engines of 250cv, it should reach 35 to 40 knots. Registred in pleasure boat category, it can transport 18 people and the skipper. Ideal for small trips with friends.

We have started to build the new boat. Please clic on the pictures to follow the construction.


Moko Jumbies is the ancestor of the actual building. Modified for the new owner, she keeps the same hulls, but is a little wider.





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