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   Propeller Autoprop


The propeller that we use is Autoprop from Bruntons Propellers. This propeller was initially developed to be used on sailing ships. It is in fact a propeller with automatic variable pitch which reacts to the balance which is created between the centrifugal force generated by the rotation and the reaction of water. It thus adapts permanently to the conditions of evolution in the sea. In the passing of a wave for example, the engine does not loose a turn since the propeller adapts itself to the variation of resistance induced by the displacement of the wave. For a sailing ship, it feathers automatically when the engine is turned off, reducing the drag in considerable proportions. Lastly, in reverse gear it has a frightening effectiveness since its output is as good in a direction as in the other. We could note a very appreciable profit of consumption (approximately 20%) thanks to this propeller.


We diffuse this propeller for the Caribbeans. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Attention, these propellers are never in stock, they are manufactured to measures and perfectly adapted for each boat. More information


Some useful links


A very good article published in the Anglo-Saxon press (Passage Maker) and reporting the experiment of an owner of trawler having used Autoprop. Enlightening!

    Download: (840Ko, pdf)

Documentation of the Autoprop propeller with some examples of achievements.

    Download: (pdf 1,1Mo)    
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The news letter of Bruntons  with in particular an article concerning P214.

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    Download (pdf, 2Mo)    

Internet site of Bruntons Propellers where one can in particular see two animations showing how this propeller works. Spectacular!

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