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   Mayrik  "Classic 16"  -  Specifications
Overall length: 16m Engine: 80 hp
Length at water line: 12,30m Fresh water: 2 x 300 liters
Beam: 4,50m Fuel: 1 x 250 + 1 x 400 L
Draught: 1,76m Black water: 220 L
Light displacement: 14 tons Grey water: 270 L
Displacement (fully laden): 16 tons Main sail: 56 m2
Ballast: 6,8 tons Genoa: 80 m2
Prismatic coefficient  : 0,548 Forestaysail: 24 m2
Block coefficient: 0,364 Spinnaker: 210 m2

The “Classic 16 " is a splendid boat of cruising with traditional style, which does not prevent it from being an excellent very comfortable fast ship. Its very pure forms, very fluid, pass marvelously well in the sea. It is presented here in a version two cockpits with opening stern more intended for a charter use. It can be selected in version a cockpit which is that of the photographs on this site. For more information, please contact us with the address:


Sail this boat in the Caribbean. More information on the website:


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