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   Mayrik  "SolarGoal"

When yachting becomes again synonymous with pleasure ..... Finished the breakdowns of wind, or the passage obliged and expensive with the pump. Good-bye the boat which always claims a preparation before being operational. The “SolarGoal” is a catamaran with electric propulsion, of which the batteries are charged by the sun, ensuring you free, because without paying power consumption, the sail of the weed-end. That you combine at sea or on the channels and rivers, it will answer present, in silence, the flexibility and comfort.



SolarGoal is undoubtedly the electric boat more led on the market. Initially because it goes until the end of the process which is that, if one wants to use soft energies, it is to preserve the capital of fossil energies, to avoid the production of greenhouse gas or to reject into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide. For this reason, avoiding polyester, large consumer of fossil energies, it is built out of plywood (which stores carbon and is the best possible material in shipbuilding) and epoxy (which uses very few oil derivatives), the unit being almost completely which can be recycled. The assessment carbon which rises from the process is overall very weak.

So today the electric propulsion associated photovoltaic panels is a mode effect, facing the weakness of their contribution, the answer is generally the charger and shore power. I.e. one defers on another polluting source (nuclear) the care to supplement the load. For SolarGoal, we made the dead end on this aspect. Taking account of the market where the analysis shows that the boats are used little, and only episodically, for reduced distances covered, SolarGoal was conceived to meet these characteristics. Indeed, in initial version, the boat does not have charger, can be equipped with a second park of batteries to increase its autonomy and, in the case of an episodical use (the weekend for example), the sun will supplement the load of the batteries, without any induced pollution. This solution is even compatible with a use in channel several days of continuation since on the one hand one does not sail there very quickly, therefore little power used, on the other hand because one makes tourism and one stops. It should be noted that batteries selected are AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) which is unfortunately always with lead, but can be recycled, but which has especially the advantage of not being too expensive while having much more advantages than the traditional accumulators. Admittedly technologies Lithium-Ion or polymer could have been used, but with the detriment of the price (possible in option, which increases autonomy without burdening the weight).

It should be noted that for those which wish a longer guaranteed autonomy, it is planned an option comprising a diesel generator running with the bio fuel. One can also choose, for those who have the license, a more powerful engine (with the detriment of autonomy, except by choosing a pack lithium-ion).

Achieved, SolarGoal is also at the architectural level since the formula catamaran was retained for several reasons. Initially because that gives a volume in the fore peak impossible to obtain with a monohull. Then, because that enables him to be posed flat anywhere, the propeller being protected between the two hulls (in addition to the outboard motor can be tilted). Of course, the increase in wet area and weight are prejudicial with the drag, therefore with the consumption of power, but it is largely compensated by finer water entries.

Lastly, the pleasure of a boat is to be open on the world. SolarGoal was conceived to be trailerable, even if a powerfull car and the adequate license is preferable. With 2,33m broad for 1250 kg in initial version (a pack of batteries) it can be pulled by a large car or a 4 x 4

Comfortable and livable, the front cabin offers a great rectangular bed of 1,40 X 2m, a bathroom and separated WC, fresh water under pressure, black water tank, 1,75m height under deck-beams and, in the cockpit, a table around which to sit down to 4 or 6 after having rocked the skipper’s seat  which reveals the kitchen with stove two fires and sink as well as a counter above the refrigerator with compressor. What to charm the amateurs of excursions. Behind, the platform port side gives access to water and contains a swim ladder


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Technical characteristics


Lenght overall: 6,50m

Motor: Aquawatt 4 kW to 13 kW Max speed: 7 knots Fridge with compressor: 49 litres

Max beam: 2,33m

Batteries: 4 to 8 x 255 Ah Range: 4h à 8h Headroom height: 1,75m

Draft: 0,36m

Solar panels: 4 x 170 W Fresh water: 120 litres Sleeping: 2, dim: 2m x 1,40m

Empty weight: 1.250 kg à 1.570 kg

Cruising speed, 5,5 knots Black water: 120 litres Catégory CE: C for 6 persons
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