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   Mayrik  "Watson 33"

Elementary my dear Watson ..... who was a doctorů. The name of this boat is an allusion, but is at the same time the justification of its concept. It is indeed an elementary sailing ship. But under this apparent simplicity is hiding place a impressive, comfortable, livable boat. Simply, there is all that it is necessary, without superfluity. All functional, is thought for a use without concern. A very good sailing ship able to carry out you at the end of the world, to beach  on a fine sand, like you to take along to make a turn in the islands the one weekend time.


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  Specifications: Description
            Overall lenght : 10,237m

Under its apparent simplicity, this boat gathers a certain number of characteristics which make it very attractive. The keel for example is liftable  and the two rudders make it possible to be posed in balance anywhere. The maximum beam authorizes the road size as also the displacement which makes it compatible with a traction by a reasonable vehicle of power. The cockpit limited to the space of the legs brings an appreciable interior volume. The height under deck-beams is of 2m, like besides the length of the berths. On board, not of wire, not of batteries, simply of lightings with LED on piles. Not either of electric pump for water. A simple pump with foot is enough. Not either of engine in-board, but an outboard motor boat of low power arranged in the lazaret  or at station on its chair. Simplicity guarantees navigations without concern. Construction can be done out of plywood or aluminum. And of course, if you wish it, it can be equipped in a more traditional way.

            Beam: 2,50m
            Draught: 1,60m/0,75m
            Light displacement: 2.400 kg
            Displacement (fully laden): 3.360 kg
            Ballast: 700 kg

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Consume less energy by replacing your bulbs or tubes neons by LED, as well inside as for the navigation lights.


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