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   Presentation day of P214

February 27, P214 for the first time was presented officially at the Authorities of the island of Saint Martin. All the day the boat was opened with the public which was pressed to come to visit this small boat about which one has spoken for now several years. The selected place was the marina of center town, the Marina Port la Royale. Bordered of trade and restaurants where a great part of the people who do the economic activity are meeting for lunch, it offered an ideal framework for this presentation.


8 hours, the boat has just arrived in the still deserted marina.



Some of the personalities. On the left, Philippe Thévenet, Director of the AHSM (association of Hotel) and Vice-president of the CESC, Jean-Claude Van Rymenant, Master of the french sea rescue boat, Bulent Gulay, President de Métimer, member of the CESC, Albéric Ellis, Directeur of the commercial Port of Galisbay, Saint Martin.

Both charming hostesses of Hawaian Tropics

Y. Kinard and Président Fleming



The come evening, a cocktail sympathetic nerve joined together the Press and the Sponsors, like numbers personalities of the Community in the forefront of which, President Louis Constant Fleming. This one, in its speech, did not fail to congratulate and encourage Yves Kinard while recalling his attachment to the things of the sea, true economic sector with a future for Saint Martin. Bulent Gulay, President de Métimer, the Association of the Trades of the Sea of Martin Saint, abounded in his direction, underlining the availability of the professionals. Yves Kinard thanked the sponsors, specifying that to leave under conditions which would make honor with Saint Martin, it was essential to see others of them to join the project. He concludes his talk by revealing the date fixed for the departure: it will be on May 15, if however the weather is lenient.

  The evening was sponsored by:    

The speech of President Fleming. On the left, Pascal Averne, Director of the Services of the Community, Maggy Gumbs, Head of Department, CCI, President Fleming, Y. Kinard, Barbara Warren, public relations, person in charge for the contest Hawaian Tropics Saint Martin, Bulent Gulay, President de Métimer, member of the CESC and faithful sponsor of the project through his company Anyway Marine


The Miss Hawaian Tropics


CESC: The Economic, Social and Cultural Council.


Departure on May 15, undoubtedly for Bermuda, the Azores and finally Saint Martin de Ré.