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Atlantic PowerBoat Challenge - Sponsors

The financing of the project of crossing of the Atlantic breaks up into two parts. The first consists with the financing of the boat itself which was assured almost completely thanks to the own capital stocks or thanks to the assistance close friends. The second part comprises all that is necessary to the crossing but which was not essential to the boat. It is for example the satellite telephone, the card reader, embarked data processing (computer) and even the bulky tanks. A commercial version would not have indeed needed reserves of 1300 liters. Also this inventory the means of safety enter as the beacon of distress or the inflatable buoy of cockpit. A large part of this shutter is now found, but there remain nevertheless expenses to be covered inherent in the dimension of the adventure. It is obviously necessary still to think of logistics, the presence with the Grand Pavois with the expenses that involves, without counting that to devote itself to this exceptional project prevents somewhat the normal occupation. One will find on this page a small word for each sponsor summarily presenting his activity and possibly his intervention. The classification of the various sponsors and partners is completely random and at all does not reflect their degree of implication nor of seniority. That they all are thanked for their participation.


Saint Martin changed statute. Today Collectivité overseas, it is in the shape of commune of the Guadeloupe (before July 2007) that the Town hall via its Office of Tourism agreed to support the event. The Office thus intervened to a great extent in the financing of the satellite telephone which will allow connections with the radios local or national, but also to collect information weather, via Internet. In addition, the Community should help and frame the departure of the crossing.

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Saint Martin de Ré is from the very receptive start shown with the project of crossing and race. It is today a privileged partner who will accommodate the arrival of this exceptional crossing.

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The Natural Reserve of Martin Saint is a double partner, as well for his financial participation as for the operations which will be carried out with it. Indeed, the sensitizing of the young people to the environment, mission first of a reserve, will be widened at the time of this crossing in the marine environment in general. Telephone relays will take place since the medium of the Atlantic with the young people of Saint Martin.


It is thanks to the strong implication of the owner of the working Geminga, Antoine Martos, that the project was born since it provided inappreciable facilities to the carrier of the project for him to conclude it his. The Geminga boat yard proposes storage of boats and has an artisanal zone meeting the needs for the sailors.

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Company BIP, specialized out of building materials for house, tilings, wood, plumbing, largely contributed to the supply of the essential teak wood for the smooth, frameworks of doors, doors, tables, etc like financially.


Automobile dealer with Saint Martin of large French and American marks, this company could not remain indifferent facing a primarily human challenge and especially technique. Its assistance was appreciable in the logistical support provided at the time of the presence in 2007 to the Grand Pavois.


Anyway Marine is a company specialized in the field of the charter and the management of fleet of boats. It manages boats for the account of owners. Its owner, Bulent Gulay, were and are always appreciable support for the project, since the beginning.

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We can only associate the Mutualité d’Indre et Loire, Doctor Patrick Brachet. If first its direct financial assistance brought, it should be also underlined that Doctor Brachet largely contributed of his pocket and his time to the realization of this project. In theory it should take part in the crossing and will thus bring thus, in addition to its medical competences, important in an adventure like that one, its company and its nautical experiment in the boats of small size.

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Company of accountancy, it contributed to the financing of the project.


Budget Marine, larger shipchandler of the Caribbean one, but more especially the l’Ile Marine, are privileged suppliers who in addition to normal professional conditions, gave this small blow of inch and this service which makes it possible to advance more easily in a project. A part purely sponsoring was also brought jointly.

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The Eurofeu company, via its local representative, Sécurité et Confort, provided the fire protection installation to CO2. Sécurité et Confort is a company specialized in protection of the goods, alarms, gates, extinguishers, etc the company contributed its share in various forms to the project.

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Radio operator Calypso is a local radio which will propose at the time of the crossing of the emissions on line daily. Will be able to be thus made relays with young people or the public during emission recalling the adventure and stressing the environmental protection, in connection with the Natural Reserve.

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The Saint Martin Week became the support media of the project and strongly contributes to the diffusion of information. During the crossing, it will relay the official statements on line ocean and will thus keep the population informed of the voyage.


The Marina Port La Royale, located mid of the town, is a place of choice for the presentation of the boat. This sponsor gracefully placed at the disposal a quay for this demonstration.


“Bali Bar” and “La Belle Epoque” are two magic places of the Marina Port La Royale in front of whom the official presentation of P214 proceeded that they have sponsored.